Film documentation about volunteer service

For the Tafel-Akademie, we produced a film documentary about the Federal volunteer service at the “Tafeln”.


A film by Philip Wilson
On behalf of the Tafel Academy

Many thanks to:
Jana-Maria Adolf
Farina Kösling
Bashir Ahmadzai,
Ahmadi Zaki
Tobias Nuremberg
Tobias Schröder
The team of the “Herforder Tafel” as well as to all “Junge Tafel” participants at the symposium 2016

Camera: Philip Wilson, Florian Hartsch, Philipp Leingärtner
Sound: Ariane Hussy, Kevin Habich
Post Production: 89 Keys, Philip Wilson, Production Pol
Speaker: Ariane Hussy
Translation: Ziawash Zafersada
New Travels – Allegory Music
Interesting Ideas – Allegory Music
Endless Inspiration – Endless Inspiration
Organization Tafel-Akademie: Tobias Nürnberg

Production year 2016/2017

All rights reserved
© Tafel-Akademie gGmbh 2017

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