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The installation on the bell tower of the KWG makes the Kirchentag solution “You see me” experienceable in different facets.

Through various combinations of the words “you”, “see” and “me”, which are accompanied by other emotional verbs and adjectives arises
Encounter – with me, you and God.

The arrangement “you see me” asks – for the “see” that is to be perceived. On the one hand it is uncertain and shy, but at the same time it asks for an observer.

It is mine, yours, our question into the world, to God.

The arrangement “I see you” puts the “me” in the foreground. It’s a question of the starting point – because I see you, do you see me or do I see myself because you see me? An accepted truth. Sometimes dark, sometimes bright, hidden and the answer is open.

The original arrangement “you see me” is the state that describes an arrival. I am safe, because “you see me” and grow over me, I am perceived, I am safe and I am understood. But who sees me? Who is this you? And am I only in a supposed sense of security if I still or consciously shy away from the dialogue?

Excerpt from the description of the artist
The artistic design of the bell tower for the 36th German Protestant Kirchentag is a very special project for me. The Breitscheidplatz is a central and heavily frequented place that creates encounters. The bell tower therefore provides a suitable place for an art installation, which deals with the slogan of the coming Kirchentages. At a height of 50 meters, the tower offers a design area that can be seen.
This installation was created in close cooperation with the church day spokesman Arnd Schomerus and the organizers of the Kirchentag. The slogan of the Kirchentag – “You see me” (Genesis 16:13) – has many facets. Even the combination of the individual words opens up a lot of accessibility visually and in terms of content. I wish all visitors an exciting journey of discovery and a dialogue with themselves and others.




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